Spring Break!!: How To Travel On A Budget

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College students have always enjoyed spring break. It is the time of year when every potential graduate wants to unwind from the previous year's classes. They only have one week to relax. However, because they are students without a career or high paying job just yet it can be difficult trying to find an inexpensive vacation trip to take. There are some tips and places that students can go which will not cost them a lot of money and ideas on ways to make the experience rewarding and cheap.

Go to the Beach
If you want to get away and are near a beach it can always be a quick and easy trip. You may be able to get a couple of your friends together to travel with you. Attending the beach is free as most are public locations. You may have to pay for parking, but this is relatively inexpensive.

Cabin or House Rental
If you enjoy staying in the mountains or want to go to a ski resort you may be able to rent a cabin or house. Most rental facilities will allow multiple people to stay inside the unit. This helps to keep your costs low. There are also normally exciting activities and tourist spots nearby that you can see.

Discounted Group Trips
One way that you can really travel cheaply is to get a few of your friends together to go on the same trip or event. Many tourist facilities or travel agencies allow for the person that brings it together a free trip. Most of these require that you have between eight and ten people. If you plan this in advance you can have this set up at no cost to you. Most allow a payment plan so that it meets your budget. Your friends will enjoy the trip and you might decide to try it again the following year.

Spring Break!!:

Working Vacations
You may not realize that there are some places that will not charge you to stay at their facility. You do a day's work in exchange for staying at the location. There are many such places all over that you can look up and try out. You only have to concern yourself with the cost of getting to the location. If you plan to look into this, make sure that you contact them in advance as spring break is a popular time.

Even though the American dollar has dropped lately, you can still find bargains south of the border. Mexico has always been a perfect attraction for college students on spring break. Most even cater specifically to college students. They have many amenities and you do not even have to leave the premises to get everything you need. The cost is inexpensive and they are willing to bargain with you to get your business. The cultural experience is rewarding. You can eat cheaply, and most locations have someone available that speaks English. Tourism is one of their biggest means of income so make sure that you check this out.

Cheap Travel
Even if you find a great deal or vacation you still need to be able to get to the location. This often is a major problem for students, especially those that do not own a car. You can get college rates from different major airlines. You can also travel by train or bus to your vicinity. If any of your friends has a car and is going with you then it is often best to carpool with as many as possible to share on the cost of gas and car expenses.

Spring break is always a memorable experience. It does not have to be expensive to go to a nice location. Just because an advertised deal is cheap does not mean that it is not worth going to. You can come up with many ideas to make your time away from school enjoyable. You have many options even if you are low on funds. You can go to a local beach, take a cabin getaway, stay in Mexico, or even plan a working vacation. If you are ambitious enough you might even be able to travel for free.

Samantha Brown is a medical writer earning her mba healthcare management degree online.

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