Five ideas for adventure holidays for your celebration

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The next time you plan any kind of celebration, consider doing something adventurous instead of just having another party. Ideas are to go on safari or to take part in some exciting activities, perhaps in another country. Here are five ideas to consider for your next celebration.

Cycling holidays are a good choice if you have a sense of adventure. One of the advantages of this kind of activity is that you can determine the pace at which you travel, so it is suitable for people who are not extremely fit. Even if you travel in a group, you will usually be rated and divided into a slower group or at least compensated for. There are many tour operators in the UK doing this kind of tour, through beautiful areas like Wales and Cornwall. Backup teams travel along with the groups in case there are any repairs to be done. Accommodation is organised in extremely comfortable establishments and the scenery and fresh air are what make it all worth your while.

Going on safari
Another idea is to take part in one of the many safari holidays on offer. Travelling in South Africa in an SUV or other four-wheel drive vehicle gives you an exciting opportunity to spot wildlife such as the Big Five of Africa. These are the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and Cape buffalo. Along the way, have a look at giraffe, springbuck and other gazelle. The campsites are often luxurious and extremely comfortable. Even the basic ones offer barbeques or "braais" under the stars and the sounds of wild animals in the night. Asian safaris will have you travelling through beautiful green countryside and observing an astounding array of bird and animal species.

Diving adventures
For those people who are water enthusiasts, scuba diving or snorkelling breaks are ideal. Apart from places like Mauritius, the Caribbean and the Maldives, Australia and South Africa both offer stunning opportunities for scuba diving. Snorkelling off the Great Barrier Reef gives you a stunning view of a hugely diverse set of sea creatures. Shark cage diving off the east coast of South Africa is a thrilling experience few others can match. If you time your cage diving towards the end of winter, you might even be lucky enough to spot some whales moving into shallow waters for the calving season near Hermanus, about 120 kilometres from Cape Town.

Take a hike
If you do not mind roughing it and are reasonably fit, you could go hiking, sleeping under the stars or on a deserted beach. You will get to know the people of the area and have a chance to savour the local cuisine. Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and Germany are geared towards hikers. The formerly communist bloc countries in Eastern Europe, such as Rumania and Croatia, are also excellent choices. Australia is a very diverse country that offers plenty of opportunities for hikers to explore.

For a different kind of exciting holiday you could do a volunteer stint, building huts and toilets in remote African locations or volunteering on an organic farm in Portugal. You could travel to India to teach children English in remote rural schools or help to build an oven from clay in a tiny South American village. Apart from the priceless experiences you will have, you will also know that you are helping the poorest of the poor to improve their lives.
Adventure has never been so attainable. Every country in the world has its own excitement on offer. All you need is imagination and a sense of adventure to turn a celebration into a trip of a lifetime.

Gilbert Roberts writes regularly on adventure travel for a range of travel websites and blogs. He has been on a variety of adventure holidays and is a keen cyclist, canoeist and hiker. His favourite trips are safari holidays to Africa and Asia.

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  1. Great ideas! Going on a safari adventure is absolutely something I must do in the near future. It's near the top of my bucket list.



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