An Unplanned Trip to Vienna

Posted by Ash K on Saturday, November 26, 2011 1

I am not a professional hiker nor am I much of an athlete and the decision to explore Vienna was impromptu. I have no idea what hikers take with them on their journey. I do not know how people can actually read a map because to me it is a jumble of random lines running from anywhere to everywhere. I am also happily unaware of the kind of lodging the professional hikers look for when they embark on their journey.

In spite of all the ignorance and lack of concern, I set out to unravel one of the world?s closest places to paradise. Vienna's hiking trails run for near about 500 kilometers and are mostly through the woods which is on the city?s edge or they run through the local recreation areas in Vienna. The infrastructure system is so convenient that these trails can be reached by any form of public transport. There are numerous boarding houses and restaurants en route which give you a warm welcome anytime you are in them.

I am going to be honest with you. I chose the shortest hiking route and went on a 5 kilometer trip on the Bisamberg. It was more of an educational trip. Walking down the neatly trimmed vineyards and oak woods, I got to learn more of the city?s cultural heritage and experienced an interesting as well as surprising history of Vienna. If you have Providence favouring you, you may even discover a rare variety of orchid that grows in this region.

Since I most certainly was not going to spend my Euros in just hiking, I decided that it was time I begin to go visit the prominent tourist destinations in the city. It was difficult enough to read a map but to find an empty place to place myself for the nights to come was even perilous. Finally, after having checked into one of the cozy, comfortable rest houses and feeling more at ease with the whole ?travel without a plan? theme, I began to spot the famous Vienna tourist places. As you may have guessed by now, it was not all that difficult.

Believe it or not, this romantic and imperial city houses the world?s finest museum, The Museum of Fine Arts. So beautiful is the architectural wonder of the city?s underground stations that even they feature on the catalogue for listed properties. If you are lost in any of the alleys or passages in the city of music, consider it lucky, because with every corner in every street that you wander, you get the opportunity to witness more of the city makers? creativity.

It does not matter in what manner one takes a holiday to Vienna. The Schönbrunn Palace or the summer residence is one of the most beautiful cultural monuments ever to have stood on the face of the earth and is a major hub of tourists all round the year. The winter residence or the Hofburg Palace holds one of the most popular museums which is frequented by tourists every year.

During the course of my trip, I stayed at a bed and breakfast place, a hostel, a motel and finally the airport lounge. What I learned from the trip was that coming unprepared pays off. It works this way- if your destination is worthwhile, you automatically find yourself fitting in, and if it turns out to be the other way round, it is a hint that you plan. Vienna- the city of art, beauty, music, culture, literature and fantastic weather was a marvelous experience for me and en extremely enriching one. I still remain an ignorant, spontaneous traveler and I continue to enjoy all the trips which I undertake around the world, though I really cannot vouch the same for the people who travel along with me.

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  1. I was in Vienna last year and enjoyed the best trip of my life. The museums were breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.



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