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The hot summer months in Barcelona are often spend along or in the water, and the long beach is a great way to spend the day. If you would like a more active day at the beach several water activities can be carried out to have an exciting day. What is a better activity for a hot summer day than one of the water sports Barcelona has to offer? A broad range of choices will give you something to your preferences.

First of all, surfing, a popular sport which is executed a lot in Barcelona. It of course depends on the waves and the weather but when walking along the beach the chance is big to spot a surfer. There are many places near Barceloneta where surfboards can be rented. The average renting price will be 20 Euro´s per hour. When surfing seems out of your league the stand-up-surf sport will be something for you. A paddle can be used to propel yourself trough the water. If you like water sports and are interested in trying something new this stand-up-surfing will be interesting for you. When interested in a more relaxing activity the popular kayaking is nice way to enjoy the sea. You can make a route along the beach costs or if you don´t feel like paddling you can be carried by the sea and have a look at the amazing view. Some routes even allow you to explorer the dark caves. The price of on average four hours will be around 50 Euros. The short but very exiting experiences that can be rented are jet skies and banana boats. These give the opportunity to go through the water very fast but they are however costly and therefore often purchased only once. The final proposition of water sports in Barcelona is Scuba diving. If you are interested in the sea and would like to discover it even more you can now see the breathtaking Mediterranean coast under water.

These activities allow you to experience the Barcelona sea and cool off during a warm summer day. Water sports can be both active and relaxing and the city offers you a variety of activities. When you have become more interested in Barcelona these vacation apartments Barcelona can offer you a comfortable stay. If you are interested in a current accommodation take a look at these properties in Spain. This article was written by a travel blogger for Apartime, Sanne.   

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