A Day Out in London for Less Than £15

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You may be wondering that how can a city like London that usually digs a hole in your pocket, offer a day travel and excursion in less than £15. As a frugal traveller, you have a huge choice to make in minimum budget. While you have already booked a stay at one of the budget hotels in London through www.londonhotels4u.com, here is a guide to spend a day in less than £15.

Eating Out 

The first thing you cannot do without while spending a day out is food. It is obvious, that you would never like to blow your major budget in eating out. So, you may hunt for some cheaper deals.

Cha Cha Moon is one of the best budget family restaurants. They serve dishes from Singapore, Taiwan and Penang. You will get these dishes starting from merely £3.50. You will be amazed to know that the most expensive dish here will cost you £5.50 and you should not be doubtful for the portions either.

Wagamma offers another cheap eats option and you will get free green tea along with the meal. The Real Greek serves delectable souvlaki, salads, cold mezedes and sides starting at £5.50.


Walks: Walking around and exploring London is one of the best ways for sightseeing and saving in the capital city. Some hidden gems await you at the backstreets. Walk through the popular Leicester Square via Chinatown lying on the way. If you continue to south, you can explore National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. Walk along the Strand that will lead you to River Thames. AS you cross the river through Hungerford Bridge footbridge, you will see yourself on the South Bank. This is where you can see London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. And all this is absolutely free.

By Bus: Although there is no dearth of open-topped buses for sightseeing, however, they charge £20 for what you can see in merely £2 by boarding number 11. The route starts from Liverpool Street and ends at Fulham Broadway in south west of London. As you decide to take a seat on the top deck of the bus, you will pass through attractions like St. Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and King’s Road along with lot more.

Exploring Attractions 

Parks and Gardens: London is home to some of the most beautiful parks. All its 8 Royal Parks are renowned all over the globe not only for their beauty but also for the fact that they are absolutely free to enter. Sunbathing at Regent’s Park deer spotting at Richmond Park or seeking out regal attractions in Kensington Gardens are some free delights.

Markets: Although shopping is never a budget friendly affair, however, the markets in London offer atmosphere that is so good that you will not feel the need to buy anything. Visit Camden Market, Greenwich Market and Portobello Market on Saturdays and on Sunday, head to Spitalfields Market. It is fun to browse the stalls with vintage clothing, homemade antiques and more.

Changing of the Guards Ceremony: This is a formal ceremony, which takes place daily in London. The ceremony can be witness at Buckingham Palace free of cost. The process involves a new guard exchanging the duty with the old guard. Ceremony of the Keys: This is an ancient ceremony held each night at 21:30 for 700 years now. Although the tickets are free, but due to the popularity of the ceremony, it is necessary to follow application procedure . The ceremony includes locking up of Tower of London and handing over the keys for its safety.

Museums and Galleries: More than 300 museums and galleries in London are free to enter. You can spend hours to explore the collections displayed at The British Museum, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum which are just few famous names.

So, it is not hard to spend a budget day out in London with so much to do and see for free.

Author’s Bio: Erica is an associate editor with a reputed travel company. She writes on various London travel tips for London travellers and guides them for their vacation.

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