Staycation - A New Economical Approach To Vacations

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With skyrocketing gas prices, fuel surcharges, cumbersome tourist taxes on hotel rooms and other services, and the economic downturn in full swing, staycations are becoming increasingly popular with families and singletons. Staycactions are a great way to support local businesses, museums and attractions while stimulating the in-state economy. Here are a few tips to save big, get the most out of your staycation while having just as much fun as you would on an out-of-town getaway. Let’s start with a few dos and don’ts to get your staycation off to a good start.

Staycation Dos:
• Pamper yourself
• Take lots of photos
• Indulge your interests
• Support local businesses
• Create a relaxing environment
• Try something new
• Enjoy life

Staycation Don’ts:
• Drop by the office
• Answer work-related emails
• Worry about prices
• Clean the house
• Tackle chores

Preparing for a Staycation
When you leave town, you probably like to tidy up, take care of chores and stock up on groceries, so everything is in order when you get back. If you’re planning a staycation, you should do the same, so you don’t waste valuable vacation time doing chores, cleaning toilets or tidying up the house. Complete all of these tasks ahead of time to enjoy a super staycation.

Planning a Staycation
Like any proper vacation, a great staycation starts with an activity list and itinerary plan. Before your staycation begins, create a list of the things you and your family would like to do. If you have children, ask them which local places they’d like to visit. Once you have a list of possible things, you can create a rainy day plan with fun indoor activities and a list of things that can be done anytime.

Seasonal Staycations
Whether its winter or summer, there’s practically no limit to the activities and attractions you can find in your local area. In the winter, think about holiday craft shows, light displays, skiing, snow-tubing, sledding, sleigh rides and other seasonal events. If you’re planning a summer staycation, consider a day trip to the lake, boat rentals, river cruises and water parks passes for the kids.

Activity Options
Wherever you live, chances are people travel from far and wide to experience some local attraction or event. If you were entertaining a family member or out-of-town guest, you’d be sure to find a long list of places and attractions to show them. Part of enjoying a successful staycation at home is thinking like a tourist. If you don't have any staycation ideas, pretend you're an out-of-town visitor and ask around. Attractions you might take for granted like spectacular sunsets, mountain views and natural wonders are exciting for out-of-town guests, and they can be exciting for locals too if they learn to look at local landmarks with new eyes.

Staycations Ideas
There are plenty of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed year round. Visit the zoo, tour local museums, get tickets to a local aquarium, rent bikes, catch an affordable minor league sports game, visit local art galleries or go shopping at local boutiques. State parks, natural areas and preserves are great places to visit, take a hike or enjoy a picnic, and most state parks are free. Day trips are great for getting away while staying close to home. Visit your state’s capital, travel to nearby cities on a discount bus line or take the family car on an outing to explore the unexplored.

Staycation Meals
A good day starts with a great breakfast. If you can’t fly to Paris or spend a week in Hawaii, you can always have breakfast in bed or on the patio. Enjoy a chocolate croissant with café au lait or a delicious papaya fruit salad drizzled with lime juice and served with piping hot Kona coffee. At night, host a pizza party, build your own tacos, make margaritas, or try that new restaurant downtown. Don’t forget to pop a bottle of bubbly or enjoy non-alcoholic sparkling cider for a special evening at home. If something seems expensive, remember how much you’re saving on airfare, hotel costs and car rental fees.

There’s no limit to the things you and your family can do on a staycation. Instead of wasting the day driving to your destination or checking luggage at the airport, discover the attractions, events and landmarks that are in your own backyard. Staycations are the ultimate way to do more and spend less on your next vacation. Don't forget to take lots of photos and make unforgettable staycation memories.
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