Five Reasons to Visit Manihi

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Everyday life can be stressful- people have jobs to work, errands to run, and families to take care of. On the tiny island of Manihi, beaches are white sand, water is crystalline, and the world is at peace with a mellow island vibe. If those three reasons don’t make you want to travel there, here are five more.

Island atmosphere is far different from the average hustle and bustle of everyday life. What do islands have that most of us don’t? Expansive beaches with fine, soft sand, palm trees that spring up far above your head and water so warm you can jump in without a thought.

Stay in one of the most beautiful resorts available. The Pearl Beach resort has several types of bungalows you can stay in, both on the beach and over water. These bungalows are built in the traditional Tahitian style, materials and all, but with every modern feature you would have at home.

Explore the gigantic lagoon. As it is a protected body of water, it’s easy to swim and snorkel throughout. Avid divers may try going off the coast of the island where coral is abundant and wildlife such as manta rays, turtles and dolphins can be spotted.  Also you can get cheap flights easily  For those of you who are a little more land oriented, there are bikes to rent and routes to explore.

Polynesian Black Pearls
Manihi is lucky enough to have a 19 mile long lagoon. This space is housing for numerous black pearl farms which travelers have the luxury of visiting. In addition to being a main source of income for the tiny island, the Polynesian black pearls that these farms produce are beautiful commodities.

Visit the Marae sites! These ancient sites are located at the Northern and Southern points of the island. Made of coral, one of the most remarkable things about them is that they have managed to withstand both nature and time.  

With exotic scenery unique to the South Pacific, a beautiful resort to stay at, and an endless amount of activities and adventures to partake in, exploring Manihi would be an exceptional place to vacation. 

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