Tips for Taking a Pet on Holiday

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Taking pets on holiday can be a fun experience for both pets and owners. Holidays are a good chance for pets to get a change of scenery, enjoy fresh air and more exercise, and take a break from their usually monotonous schedule. Pet owners will be able to enjoy time away more without having to worry about pets at home being looked after, or having to put a pet in a kennel. Owners of pets will also enjoy the taste of home that having pets on holiday can provide, as well as the company that pets give. In order to have a fun and relaxing holiday with a pet along, pet owners should plan the trip carefully. Listed below are some of the top tips to consider when taking a pet on holiday.

1.)  Make sure the destination allows pets. Pet owners should be careful that they only book places that permit pets. Many resorts and holiday destinations accommodate pets, but it is important to be sure this is the case before leaving. Choose from a range of pet friendly holiday cottages or a hotel for the holiday.

2.)  Before bringing a pet along on holiday make sure the pet is comfortable with travelling. If pets are used to going on short trips it will be less stressful taking a long one. Allow pets time to get used to riding in vehicles or inside pet carriers.
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Probably best to avoid letting the dog drive the car, unlike the image above!

3.) Don't feed pets a big meal or any food out of the ordinary before going on holiday. The travelling and unexpected routine may cause some stress on a pet and it is best if their diet stays the same before leaving.

4.) Make an appointment with a veterinarian before leaving on a long journey to check that the pet is fit for travelling. Sometimes a vet will subscribe medication that can help with any sickness a pet may experience while travelling.

5.) Consult pet travel sections of animal books or websites to purchase travel accessories that can help pets be more comfortable while travelling. Special leashes with extensions, cushions, and carriers with air holes can be purchased at many pet suppliers or department stores.

6.) Don't worry if a pet acts slightly different than normal for the first few days away. Sometimes it takes pets a bit of time to get used to new surroundings. Make sure to comfort a pet that is adjusting to new surroundings by bringing familiar things, such as a favourite toy or eating dish, to help pets get used to a new place.

7.) Spend lots of time with a pet while on holiday. Taking walks to new places will be very exciting for a pet and many pets love beaches. This will help a pet enjoy travelling and not resist future travel.

8.)  Don't forget to take frequent breaks on long car journeys. Pets will need a chance to stretch legs and relieve bladders during a trip. Pets should stay well hydrated during travel, which means that taking several breaks is a necessity.

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