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Everyone needs a vacation at some point in time, and who doesn’t dream of travelling in the lap of luxury? For the average consumer, travelling in first class with five star hotels is merely a dream. It doesn’t have to be. Virtually everyone in today’s day and age has a credit card, and the points earned from the card can result in major upgrades for a luxury vacation. Frequent flyer miles and credit card points can both be converted into major rewards for the dream vacation.

Take Stock of Your Points: When planning a trip, the first thing to do is check how many credit card points and airline miles you own. Then see if your points will cover the cost of a ticket to your destination. It may be a good idea to call the Credit Card Company or airline for help booking a flight through points or miles. While using points is a great way to purchase an upgraded ticket, many passengers encounter difficulty with airline restrictions such as blackout dates and specific flights to which the points may be applied. A good way to get around this is to sell frequent flyer-miles. After selling Amex points or miles to an online buyer, the traveler can use the payout to purchase a ticket that will work with their itinerary. The payout is often significant, and a check is sent out promptly.

Be Flexible: While an entire vacation can be purchased based on rewards points, it is important to be flexible with the dates and destination. This is because, as mentioned earlier, there may be blackout times on dates and restrictions on specific flights. Also, many credit card companies hold promotions for limited times. It’s a good idea to cash in and travel when you’ll get the most value out of every point or mile. It is also important to check that your miles or points can be transferred between airlines for the airline of preference.

Get Creative: Sometimes it takes maneuvering and creativity to plan the perfect trip through points. For
example, you may come up just short of the amount of points needed for your flight. Aside from selling points, you can try to buy the difference from your credit card company, but be sure that you’re not paying for the price of the ticket. You may also want to try transferring points from a different credit card or mileage program, or asking a friend or relative to sell you some of their points to make up the difference. There are many ways that credit card points can be used, and by getting creative you can make the most out of your points or miles.

Get Confirmations: It’s always fun to book hotels that would otherwise be way above your means, and many people do this through the credit card company. Some of the hotels that participate in the membership reward points programs, however, don’t always honor the reservation unless you come with a hard copy of the reservation. Make sure to print out all reservations that you have booked, including car, hotel, and flight, before leaving on your getaway.

By using credit card points or airline miles for your vacation, you’re making your money go to work for you. A vacation purchased through points is one that is well deserved, and the upgrades will ensure that you travel in style.

Author Bio: Sean Miller is a travel guru and lover of great deals. He likes to sell American Express points to Sell Miles Now, as they offer high payouts and excellent service.

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