Top 5 Night Clubs in New York

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The city of New York is a famous tourist destination not only during the holiday season but every day! The place offers lots of attractions from shopping to dining, museums to natural wonders and a whole lot more. The whole vacation and holiday tour won’t be completed without going to a bar or night club for some party. Basically, the party does not end here too as there are numerous night clubs open at night to late dawn. The question now is which night clubs are recommended to go to when you drop by in New York? Here are some of the best choices which may not cost you a fortune but spend more fun for hours.

1. Marquee
One of the favorite choices of clubs in New York is Marquee. This is an exclusive bar and club for everyone, whether you are a local resident or a tourist. There are many VIPs who are regularly visiting this club especially during special occasions and holidays.
What you only need to watch out for is during the weekends when it is somewhat hard to enter because of the countless people who want to party on Friday and Saturday nights. The tip here is to make an impression by the way you look and dress so you can have an instant entry into this cool club.

 2. Sounds of Brazil aka S.O.B
Another great choice of night club that you can visit while staying in New York is S.O.B. which stands for Sounds of Brazil. This night club offers several genres of music which include live playing of bands, soloists and players of musical instruments. Many big time performers have made shows here. Some have regular music performances too. You surely do not want to miss some events like that here at S.O.B.

3. Pacha
There is a night club in Hell’s Kitchen that is famously known by many Europeans called Pacha. This is a big sized club which can accommodate lots of people every night. The kind of music you get to see is usually European in style as many DJs and performers are from various countries of Europe. A lot of local New Yorkers have embraced this kind of music and party.

4. China Club
This night club is also a unique one because you can meet different kinds of people from various nationalities, culture backgrounds, etc. Since it is located near the famous Times Square, getting into this club for partying is not a problem.

5. Cielo
You won’t also want to miss going to Cielo which is in Meatpacking District. This club is one of the best in the entire city. It features several types of music from Jazz to hiphop and soul to Afro-Latin and so much more.

These five night clubs can promise you a fun way of partying through the music and drinks provided. If you happen to spend some days for vacation here, make sure to drop by one or all of these clubs.

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