Tips for Making a New Zealand Vacation Affordable

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Sticker shock is probably the biggest deterrent for people looking at vacations to New Zealand. It is true that a trip to New Zealand can be pricey compared to domestic vacation destinations. However, there are several ways you can make your New Zealand vacation more affordable.

Tip #1 – Use Your Frequent Flier Miles

If you want to go on a vacation to New Zealand your most expensive purchase will be your airfare. Fortunately, you can reduce the price of your ticket or even get it for free if you use your frequent flier miles.
To get the most value from your frequent flier miles program find a program that offers double or triple miles for special purchases. Then use your card for all of your purchases during the year. At the end of each month you can apply the money that you would normally spend on your monthly purchases to paying off your credit card bill. This will allow you to earn maximum miles without carrying a large balance on your credit card and without having to pay interest.

Tip #2 – Buy an Island Hopping Ticket

There are a lot of fabulous islands found near New Zealand. If you want to hop from island to island and explore this corner of the world, this type of ticket will provide you with the most value. It will also keep your travel expenses to a minimum.

Tip #3 – Earn Your Keep

If you want to spend an extended period of time in New Zealand you can save nearly 100% on your room and board by working for farmstays and homestays. It is called whooffing. Help in the kitchen, do some yard work, help harvest produce or help around the farm and you can earn your lodging and meals. This is a great way to shave $100 or more dollars a day off of your vacation cost.

Tip #4 – Travel by Bike

To save money on your travel expenses once you are in New Zealand consider renting or bringing a bicycle with you. If you travel by bike, you do not have to rent a car, pay for insurance or pay for gas. You can rent a bike for a few dollars a day, or you can bring your own bike with you and pay nothing. Biking through New Zealand is a great option.

Tip #5 – Food Festivals and Local Producers

To save money on food consider sampling local foods. Food festivals are a great option as a low entrance fee will give you access to a large selection of regional delicacies. Sometimes these events are even free.

Tip #6 - Stay at Hostels

New Zealand is quite different than many other countries. They have excellent hostels called, The BBC. Joining it is very inexpensive and you get free maps and a guide with your membership. Families and people of all ages stay at hostiles in NZ. My daughter and I loved taking with people from all over the world over breakfast or dinner. Many hostels also allow you to pitch a tent.

Tip #7 - Shop at the Food Warehouses

The have all name brands, fresh produce and you will find the prices just right. We carried a cooler in the care for perishables and a box filled with dry foods. Our name was on the box. Hostels allow you to put things in the refrig and have selves for food boxes.

Viist our New Zealand Vacation site for information on all the hostels we stayed at over a 6 month period. and for more tips go to New Zealand vacation blog to get more articles and interesting places to visit in NZ.

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