Ten things to see in Limassol, Cyprus

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Limassol in Cyprus is famous as the harbour where the two queens, Queen Joan of Sicily, sister to King Richard I the Lionhearted of England, and Berengia of Navarre, her future sister-in-law, took refuge from a storm during the Third Crusade. They foiled the Byzantine governor's plan to hold them for ransom, and the next year King Richard conquered Cyprus and was married there, then sold the island to the Knights Templar. Modern visitors may not have quite that exciting a time, but Limassol still offers plenty to see and do. Convenient Limassol villas provide a perfect headquarters for exploration.


Limassol Castle dates from 1000 AD and is now a museum. It was in the chapel of this castle that King Richard is said to have married Berengia. Medieval artwork, artefacts and weaponry are attractively displayed.
The photo above shows a view of Limassol Castle.
Image Source: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2209/1601661008_7ec93180a7_m.jpg
Image Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travelingotter/1601661008/
Kolossi Castle, 15 kilometres from Limassol, is a thirteenth century tower that served first as the headquarters of the Knights Templar and later of the Hospitallers. Reached by a short drawbridge, the structure contains an interesting mural of the crucifixion. A nearby building originally held a sugar mill to process the sugar that was once the foundation of the island's economy.

The six-room Folk Art Museum holds items that offer insight into the popular culture of Cyprus over the last two centuries. The costume collection is particularly interesting. Jewellery, wooden chests and country tools are also on display.

The Archaeological Museum houses artefacts dating back to Neolithic times as well as more recent items all the way up to Roman times. From stone axes to Roman coins, the museum features an array of material from Limassol and the adjacent cities of Amathus and Curium.
Outdoor attractions

The Public Garden, situated on the Coast Road, provides a green place equipped with both domestic and exotic botanical specimens for visitors to study or simply enjoy. The garden also houses a garden theatre and a natural history museum. A zoo is located on the grounds where big cats, monkeys, exotic birds and other animals are housed.

The Promenade, built on reclaimed coastal land, features a series of sculptures. Extending 1.6 miles along the sea coast, the exhibit contains works from artists both domestic and international. Paved walks with plentiful seating offer views of harbour traffic and the antics of the resident cats.

The photo above shows a view of Limassol Promenade.
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Image Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hewy/3570713660/
Lady Mile Beach is perfect for family relaxation. The water is quite shallow and the broad stretch of golden sand inviting, if sometimes crowded. Restaurants and tavernas dot the area just inland, and on the sands itself sea turtles have occasionally been reported.

The Donkey Sanctuary is a facility that houses and cares for donkeys. The staff is quite knowledgeable and very willing to share their expertise with visitors. The refuge offers donkey adoptions, allowing animal lovers to provide sponsorship for one of their residents.

MyMall Limassol is Cyprus's largest shopping mall. In addition to shopping for more than 200 brands of high-quality merchandise, visitors can choose from a wide range of eating options. The mall also offers a playground for young children, a bowling alley, a video arcade and an ice rink.

Platres Chocolate Workshop offers home-made chocolates in an amazing variety. While the price is high, so is the quality, and the fillings are made from local ingredients often unique to the area. The Aphrodite Cream filling is especially well recommended. The shop also offers lessons for visitors with an interest in the process.

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